Would you ever know?

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Jane's hidden anguish of Female hair loss, Would you ever know?

Jane lives with her husband in Maidstone Kent.

Always being complimented on her lovely thick hair it cam as a bit of a shock when Jane discovered she was losing it. In 1990 Jane discovered a small patch of hair loss and was eventually diagnosed with Discoid Lupus Erythematosus. This is an Auto immune disorder which can in most cases cause permanent scarring to the scalp. Although she has been to see several specialists to treat the condition there is no cure and is on life long medication to try and alleviate the symptoms, which can include inflammation and soreness of the scalp. Given that there is no cure and is an ongoing condition which can lead to further progression of the hair loss. In 2004 Jane sought help and found a Trichologist to see what could be done to help with the problem. The Trichologist came up with various solutions do deal with the problem, “whilst there is no cure the scalp treatment she has prescribed has made a difference to the soreness and redness” says Jane. This has helped enormously with the discomfort on the scalp, much better than the painful scalp injections she once had to endure! As the areas of scarring have gained in size over the years disguising the problem has become more difficult despite her having thick hair. It was then that the Trichologist called upon specialist wig maker Simon Beale. He is a specialist wig maker that makes bespoke hair replacement systems in a unique way. As Jane still has a lot of hair on the rest of the scalp a wig would not be suitable. He makes specialised volumising systems which add volume to thinning hair and cover patches of hair loss. These are made to measure systems that can be fitted to the scalp in a unique way. They do not require glue, knotting or platting and can be fitted quick and easily by the wearer or for a more permanent method fitting in the clinic
“When I visited Simon at GLH hair centre I was made to feel very at home and relaxed by Simon”. Says Jane “He measured the area of my head that was felt needed volumising and thickness”. It was then discussed as to a colour and a perfect colour match to Jane was found. It was also explained that if the colour or length wasn’t in stock then there would be a short time delay to make the hairpiece. Luckily, a volumisor in the exact colour and length was available. Simon explained this amazing way of attaching the volumisor for 4 to 6 weeks.
He placed the hair piece on the hair loss area and simply attached the piece with a special tool. Simon explained it was using the same principal as his Link System hair extensions. “Wow, it felt so secure, and didn’t pull or feel tight on my scalp”. After that, the hair was styled and you can see the results! The whole treatment took only 1 and half hours. “5 weeks have gone by and I have just visited Simon for my maintenance and re-grooming”. “He removed my volumisor and shampooed my hair with a lovely head massage and blow-dried my hair”. “He then applied my volumiser the same way …….and I feel so great”!

Jane 9th February 2017

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