Simon helped me deal with thinning hair

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Most women have at least one or more issues with their body: their figure, the whiteness of their teeth, quality of their skin, the list can go on ad nauseam. All these problems have a solution. However one problem is excruciating for women to solve and that’s hair thinning and loss. Medication and local treatments can sometimes do the trick. But very often the problem is sadly irreversible.
Having had thinner and thinner hair since I was a teenager, mainly due to high stress levels and a deficiency in iron and zinc, I tried many potions and treatment. Unfortunately without much success. In my early 30s it was a daily issue to always check my hair looked voluminous and no part of my scalp was too visible. It had become a daily fight against an uncomfortable and stressful situation. Thankfully I came across Simon Beale’s company. He masterfully created a volumizing hair piece for me which has literally changed the way I look, and more importantly, the way I feel. Using two shades of human hair and a density similar to my own, it’s almost impossible to detect as the piece is so close in texture, aspect and feel to my own hair. Most of my friends have been bluffed by it and the compliments have been flooding since the first time I wore it. Some people haven’t even thought it could be a hair piece, just a new hair colour, so amazing the result is. It’s easy and quick to fix in the morning, doesn’t weigh on your head and Simon offers a friendly and efficient after care service. For women who want to always look immaculate and confident this is a fantastic option and well worth the initial investment. Simon has definitely found a solution to a sensitive problem

Sarah from London 10th February 2017

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