KoolKaps Sports

A unique patented fabric combining textiles with the latest technology to enhance comfort, health and protection and enable optimum sports performance.
Quick-Dry Technology – The unique design and weave of the KoolKap means that perspiration and moisture are drawn from the scalp and rapidly evaporated through the KoolKap, to provide an excellent, breathable, and dry-touch feeling, keeping the wearer cool and dry, and able to perform to the best of their ability.
Cooling Technology – This amazing fabric contains unique technology that does not heat to the same rate as your body temperature, it therefore gives the wearer a sensation of cooling the head by up to three degrees centigrade, enabling the wearer to perform at their peak in high temperature environments.
De-Odorising Technology – The KoolKap contains natural charcoal fibres finely woven into the fabric ensuring the KoolKap absorbs, eliminates and neutralises odour, leaving your headwear feeling and smelling fresh. This unique fibre also helps to enhance your blood circulation and is biodegradable.
UV Protection Technology – The KoolKap fabric has special fibres designed to eliminate UV rays, providing increased protection from the sun and natural elements.