Hair Stylist and technician

Simon Beale is an excellent wig maker, hair stylist and hair technician.

I am without doubt one of the most challenging clients any hairdresser could ever imagine. I am nervous whenever I go to hairdressers (as I have had very bad experiences in the past, and am generally an anxious “Type A” personality.

Simon rebuilt a close to destroyed wig for me ( I didn’t take good care of it and it was ripped, sodden with glue and generally looked like a bird’s nest and was depleted of hair)…… and I emerged with a very natural looking wig, that looked fantastic when I exited his salon. I have worn lace wigs for eleven years to date.

Simon is one of only two stylists (out of 55) that has lived up to my extremely high expectations. My appearance is of great concern to me, therefore his work is of great value to me, on a number of different levels – and of immeasurable worth to boosting, what was very low confidence ahead of seeing him and his working on my wig.

Simon is just as good working with ethnic minority (i.e. Afro) hair as well as Caucasian hair (I am the former). He is also a very personable professional, that is very much a “people person” and remains calm and talks you through everything as he goes along – in any situation, and trust me…. I certainly pushed him to the maximum limits with my highly anxious and demanding approach!

I can’t recommend him highly enough

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