Frequently Asked Questions

Will having hair extensions look false or like I’m wearing a wig?
All Hair extensions are matched identically to your hair colour and its weight. This will not only assure you of an authentic look but one that also blends in with your natural tones giving you the full natural effect. For those more adventurous the hair extensions are also available in a multitude of colours to match your every mood. Click here to view our full product range
How long to hair extensions last for?
Afraid your extensions won’t last? With Great Looking Hair extensions you can be assured of the finest quality with 100% natural Mongolian hair with lasting effects for up to 3 to 4 month’s possibly longer. Expert advice can be taken from dedicated staff to ensure you get the best results from your hair. So what are you waiting for order yours now and look good for longer.
How are the hair extensions attached?
The extensions are attached using our new link system technology. This unique system attaches the hair using 100% natural methods without any harmful glues, heat or solvents. A small coloured copper tubular link is used meaning the link is hyper allergenic so will not discolour or rust.
Can I re-use the hair?
Hair Systems London products offer the unique advantage of having the ability to be re-used unlike other conventional hair replacement systems. The core advantage of this new system is that you can keep the hair in for 6 weeks or less and it is re-useable. This can only be guaranteed if the greatest care is taken and instructions are followed precisely.
How do I choose the colours of the hair extensions?
When choosing which colours to use it is important to choose 2 to 3 shades that are different from you own hair usually opting for a lighter shade. The reason being this will allow you to have the option of highlights helping that style stand out from the crowd.
What type of Hair is it?
The hair used for the Link System™ is authentic Human Remi Hair that has had minimal processing. Our system is not available in synthetic fibre as it does not have the durability and versatility as human Hair as this gives you that comfortable 100% natural feel without the use of any artificial materials.
Can I colour the Hair?
Yes. The Hair can be coloured to darken or change the tone by using no more than 2% peroxide if your still not sure don’t be afraid to contact us to speak to one of our dedicated team who will be more than happy to help. Contact us.
Can I use straightening Irons or Curling Tongues?
Yes of course you can!” one of the many advantages of Great Looking Hair products is that it can be treated almost identically to natural hair although when straightening and curling hair a thermal protector spray must be applied to ensure you keep the hair durable and help it to last longer.
How long does it take to apply?
To Apply a full head of hair using our revolutionary link system it will take up to 2hrs. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and get in touch at