Hair Systems International in the press

It is really good when we hear about the positive impact we have on people’s lives, especially when they are at their lowest point. This story about one of our clients, even made to the national press.

Hair Extensions were amazing

Hair Systems International took care of my hair extensions for my wedding and they were amazing. I was very worried that my hair would look ridiculous on the photos, but after a couple of visits to Simon’s clinic my mind was made up and put at rest. Its really made my day as it was […]

Young transformation

This is a man who lost his hair at the age of 18 and was very self conscious and sceptical. Here I created a trendy system for him that made him feel his true young age and drove his confidence through the roof, just as an 18 year old should be.

Fashion World, high stakes

The two images below are of a guy who is in the fashion world and so appearance is his everything. With losing his hair he felt he needed to change his image and at first he was very nervous especially in the preparation prior to attaching his system. As you can see he really enjoyed […]

Hair Stylist and technician

Simon Beale is an excellent wig maker, hair stylist and hair technician. I am without doubt one of the most challenging clients any hairdresser could ever imagine. I am nervous whenever I go to hairdressers (as I have had very bad experiences in the past, and am generally an anxious “Type A” personality. Simon rebuilt […]

A Lady Called Elenid

This lady is called Elenid. She needed a wig due to Cancer therapy. I was able to use her own hair in making her new wig. The black and white photo is her wedding photo with the wig dressed, Middle photo before the wig fitted and the right hand picture with the wig worn normal.

Alopecia and how to cope with the effects of it

Case study on the trauma of alopecia and how to cope with the effects of it. by Emma Holmes I’ve pondered over how I could write this without sounding sorry for myself or it turning into a self help exercise over my alopecia. I’ve found it a lot more difficult than I thought. When my […]

Joey wanted to enhance his image

Joey was becoming disconsolate and decided after a bit of deliberation to visit Hair Systems London.It was not just a new look he wanted, but also a big confidence boost to his battered ego.Even Since the first consultation, Joey was always very quiet and had his head held down. His confidence was extremely low and […]