Bespoke Human Hair Wigs

Hair Systems London Custom Made Wigs


This beautiful high quality wig comes at our entry level price.

Featuring a “SKIN“ top, cleverly incorporated into a lace, stretch cap.

It has a close weft construction on the side and back, with superb, silky human hair.

It is perfectly priced for the short term wearer.



Made with beautiful, luxury European Hair.

This luxurious wig system, uses our latest cap construction made from French Lace.

he cap is so soft and comfortable to wear. It is 100% Hand Tied.

With Great Looking Hair’s famous hand knotting system, it allows the wearer to brush the hair in any direction she/he chooses.

The hair naturally moves and flows in exactly the way your hair normally would.

Cleverly incorporates an open lace front for natural hairlines where there is total hair loss.


This is our top level, Supreme System.

Using the same construction as our Elite range.

And with the finest, hand picked, premium, VIRGIN European hair.

Beautifully blending natural colours to give the most ultra look and feel.

Cleverly incorporates an open lace front for natural hairlines where there is total hair loss.



June’s hairline has receded 3 cm due to long term alopecia. The rest of the hair on the top of the head has thinned.

A bespoke hair system has been made for June.

The lace part is made of very fine mono lace to increase the density of the thinning hair. The front part of the system is made of very fine bio skin which replicates the front hairline.

A happy and confident client!
The system made has brought June’s hairline forward to wear it should be and she now has volume how she wants on tip of her head.

Our Complete range, can be made in ONE LENGTH BOBS, or LONG LAYERS e.g. 13″ layers will give an overall length of 18″. An example of cap sizes are; XS 48–50 cms S 51–53 cms M 54–56 cms L 57–59 cms.


Volumising Crown Extensions
Our Beautiful, Hand-Crafted Volumiser to create volume, thickness and extensions to the crown area of you head.
Beautiful European Hair is knotted to a base of French Lace, with a ¾” PU perimeter.

This allows for various ways of attachment. Lace tape, fast-clips, Link System.

Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

Great Looking hair produces stunning custom made wigs that feature a stretch human hair lace cap. There is a myriad of designs from which to make a choice and all of the caps are constructed of a closely knit base that is knotted with beautiful human hair. Human hair lace front wigs are available with European hair and the cap is made from French lace making it smooth and pleasant to wear. The human hair lace caps made by Great Looking Hair are hand crafted using a unique knotting system. Wearers can easily brush the hair in any direction and it will move just the same as normal hair does.

If you are suffering from alopecia or other kinds of hair loss you can get the most perfect and natural looking wig from Great Looking Hair. The human hair lace front wigs create a regular looking hair line so that total hair loss is completely disguised. The human hair lace cap system by Great Looking Hair will increase the volume on hair that is thinning and it is designed to follow the hairline at the front of the forehead.

Wigs And Crown Extensions

Hair restoration is so important and will give you the confidence you need to meet the outside world. At Great Looking Hair you can achieve this confidence by choosing a human hair lace cap that will appear as natural as your own hair. Choosing a wig system may appear to be daunting but you can get the help and advice you need from Great Looking Hair and have a custom made wig with a breathable human hair lace cap that makes the hair line undetectable.

Only the best human hair is used in the wigs supplied by Great Looking Hair and this ensure that the wig has natural movement and that the scalp can breathe. This in turn, makes the wig very comfortable to wear and you can have the hair coloured to achieve a blended in look with your own colour including grey tones. More information about human hair lace caps and wigs is available on the website or you can call +44 7949 207848 and speak to an expert about your needs.

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