Joey wanted to enhance his image

Joey was becoming disconsolate and decided after a bit of deliberation to visit Hair Systems London.It was not just a new look he wanted, but also a big confidence boost to his battered ego.Even Since the first consultation, Joey was always very quiet and had his head held down. His confidence was extremely low and […]

Hair System to the rescue

I came too see Hair Replacement London around 2 years ago. I was in my mid forties and had been losing my hair for around fifteen years. Having got tired off waking up an hour earlier so I could cover up my hair loss with cans of hairspray and good techniques, I decided too take the plunge and see the crew at Hair […]

How do you deal with hair loss through Cancer Treatment?

A research carried out by Cancer research UK suggests that if you are worried about hair loss or thinning hair from cancer treatment, the tips below might help. If complete hair loss is possible • Ask your consultant, doctor or nurse if the cancer drugs you will be prescribed can cause hair loss. If they do, […]

SPA Laser Hair ReGrowth Programme

The SPA Low Light laser Hair Re Growth Therapy system has been passed by the FDA (food and drug agency), as a major treatment in the promotion of halting hair loss and new hair growth and hair thickening. The SPA laser, is a non- surgical treatment that uses photo therapy to re-generate the follicles by […]